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The springs
of well-being

In the courtyard of a traditional house flooded with natural light, the fragrances of eucalyptus, orange blossom and ghassoul with seven plants invite you to the most precious rendez vous… the one with yourself.

The hammam ritual initiates you to the art of traditional Moroccan bath, to soothe body and mind.

Coming from thousand-year-old techniques, the massages performed masterfully lead you to absolute relaxation and new sensations.

The facial treatments practiced with natural oils and essences from Nectarome, treasures of the Moroccan earth, will complete this unforgettable ritual at Les Bains de Tarabel, a magical place where the time stops for the sweetest reverie.


Ancestral ritual 
Sea salt foot bath with bitter orange essence, soaping with eucalyptus black soap, body scrub with Kessa glove for sensitive skin and body wrap with Ghassoul enriched with seven herbs
45 mn – 50€

Intense hydratation ritual
Sea salt foot bath with bitter orange essence, soaping with argan and bitter orange black soap, body scrub with Kessa glove for sensitive skin, slimming body wrap with seaweed
Currently unavailable


Relaxing massage
A gentle, enveloping, structuring and reassuring technique all over the body, consisting in fluid & containing gestures that leads to letting go. A true inner voyage
55 mn – 85€

Tonic massage
By deep movements on the muscular areas and by gestures all over the body, this massage helps relaxation and release stress tensions. It also improves physical conditions and the body’s toning up
55 mn – 85€

Draining massage
A subtle, precise technique that detoxifies and increases the potential for
immune defense. It regenerates and provides general relaxation thanks to improved nutrition and tissue oxygenation
55 mn – 95€

Foot reflexology
This practice consists on precise pressure on the areas corresponding to an organ to stimulate or soothe it as needed. A wonderful technique to experience a general feeling of well-being and harmony
45 mn – 85€

Back reflexology
By slow and deep movements on the back, this massage gives a powerful sensation of well-being to the whole body. The tensions are eliminated and the energy is stimulated to increase the verticality and the self confidence
45 mn – 95€

Relaxing hot stone massage
Contact of hands and hot stones follow one another for a surprising experience. The use of hot pebbles provides immediate and deep muscular relaxation.
55 mn – 95€


Revitalizing radiance treatment
Scrub with argan shell powder, mask with 20 plants, rose floral water, facial care and modeling with argan and rose
45 mn – 70€

Toning and extreme anti-age treatment
Scrub with argan shell powder, mask with honey and orange blossom, floral water, prickly pear argan and neroli serum, facial care and modeling with argan and neroli
55 mn – 85€

Massage “facial beauty”
Stimulation on energetic points, draining movements and deep massage succeed each other to reduce the tensions of the face. Nourished from inside, the skin is softer and better hydrated. A real beauty massage. This massage can be combined with all massages and facial treatments
30 mn – 50€


Exfoliation with pelargonium salts, moisturizing hand care
30 mn – 40€ (manicure) or 45 mn – 50€ (manicure and nail polish)

Exfoliation with pelargonium salts, moisturizing foot care
45 mn – 50€ (pedicure) or 55 mn – 60€ (pedicure and nail polish)

All our Nectarome products are natural and made in Morocco at the Ourika Valley.

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